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My Services

It is a thrill to provide workshops, retreats and trainings.  The core curriculum is the Living into Wholeness Curriculum which draws from Quantum Physics and New thought and provides simple principles and practices to help you live more authentically, living into and from your authentic place of Wholeness, Divinity, and Beauty.  I also use the principles and practices from the core curriculum in other workshops with a specific focus, such as "Standing on Solid Ground in a Shifting World", and "Healing Trauma through the Art & Science of Self-Love" and "the Healing power of Creativity and Artistic Expression."  

It is a privilege to provide a space to join with others in a group experience of self-exploration and  transformation.  Together we spin a magical group energy that is enhanced by each person’s contribution of their experience and wisdom while each person’s growth is reflected and supported by the group.  Come join the magic


All workshops and retreats can be tailor made to fit the time schedule required by your group. 

See the calendar for upcoming workshops or contact me to arrange workshop in your area:

Each of us has a calling to be in alignment with our soul blueprint- the part of us that knows our intrinsic worth and wholeness; the part that knows we are far more than we have come to believe; the part that knows we are one with with the entire universe and we have access to all the wisdom that the universe has to offer.  Yet when we feel disconnected from this knowing, we are in a state of suffering. I offer Soul - Centered private sessions, providing intuitive deep listening to help you  heal and grow while helping you to access the wisdom of the soul.  

Contact to set up an appointment.

I provide a variety of consulting services including but not limited to:

  • Keynotes & Motivational Talks

  • Training

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Curriculum Development


Emotional CPR Training

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a public health education program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: C = Connecting,

P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing.

I am a lead trainer for Emotional CPR.  Emotional CPR certification course trains a person how to "be with" another person who is experiencing emotional distress.  We have come to understand the power of deep presence to diffuse emotionally charged situations and to heal trauma.  We teach the methodology of how to get beyond judgment and assumptions and how to connect with another person honoring their full humanity and their own innate wisdom.  In this experiential class students practice listening to one another, learning to provide connection, empowerment and revitalization.  For more information please see .

What People Are Saying


You created a comfortable, safe space for us to explore our journey to self love......letting go of the old negative dialogues we have about ourselves and embracing the truth about who we really are.  This class has laid the ground work for me to recapture the deep heartfelt joy I once felt about my life.  Linda N. Venice FL

“Debbie is bringing to light valuable information for transformation that helps explain my life experience and gives me incredible peace

that I really can know myself as love, and accept myself as the beautiful expression of loving life energy that I already am.  Her practical exercises are easy to learn and reveal our own amazing power to heal ourselves from within.  I believe that what she is teaching is at the heart of healing for each person.  Betsy B. Hanover, VA

“I came away from your presentation with a feeling that I can lean into life.. I can actually welcome what comes my way instead

of running from life. That is so very powerful. You reminded the audience in very real ways and without any sense of guilt that

we all have choices. We can "go to the place of the smile" anytime we choose.   Your presentation brought home the realization that acceptance from others helps me accept myself. So, as we learn to trust and love ourselves more, we are able to see more opportunities and less danger in the world. Thanks so much for having come so far in your recovery... it is helping me on my path. Warmest regards, “ Janel C.  DesMoine IA


"I've attended many workshops and classes focused on personal spiritual growth, but none have moved me or touched my soul

as this one. The technique's were simple, yet profound. The grace and clarity with which Deb shares and teaches them in creates

a space for personal as well as group growth." Nadine R. Venice, FL

‘Hearing Debbie was exactly what I needed, exactly at the right time.  Her presentation was everything I know and have been untaught.”  L.K, Vermont NYAPRS

During Debbie's Workshop, at the VOACL conference I was excited and challenged by the notion that we are genetically programmed to already have the solutions to our unique problems; we need to take responsibility to trust & work with our

innate wisdom; with practice, we can train our minds & emotions to see 'The Good' in All our experiences. Our thoughts & words are powerful.  I feel compelled to support this courageous and innovative work.    Beverly B., Charlottesville, VA

“The Living Into Wholeness curriculum welcomes us to recognize our value and to proactively engage in actions and choices that promote

well-being.”  Sharon K.  Santa Barbara, CA

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