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It is such an honor to provide workshops, retreats and trainings.  The core curriculum is the Living into Wholeness Curriculum which draws from Quantum Physics and New though and provides simple principles and practices to help you live more authentically and live into and from your authentic place of Wholeness, Divinity, and beauty.  I also use the principles and practices from the core curriculum in additional workshops with a specific focus, such as "Standing on Solid ground in a Shifting World", and Healing Trauma through the Art & Science of Self-Love.  

It is an honor and a privilege to provide a space to join with others in a group experience of self-exploration and  transformation.  Together we spin a magical group energy that is enhanced by each person’s contribution of their experience and wisdom while each person’s growth is reflected and supported by the group.  Come join the magic


All workshops and retreats can be tailor made to fit the time schedule required by your group. See the calendar for upcoming workshops or contact me to arrange workshop in your area:

Each of us has a calling to be in alignment with our soul blueprint- the part of us that knows our intrinsic worth and wholeness; the part that knows we are far more than we have come to believe; the part that knows we are one with with the entire universe and we have access to all the wisdom that the universe has to offer.  Yet when we feel disconnected from this knowing, we are in a state of suffering. It is a privilege to provide Soul - Centered private sessions.  I provide intuitive deep listening to help you  heal and grow while helping you to access the wisdom of the soul.  

Contact to set up an appointment.

I provide a variety of consulting services including but not limited to:

  • Keynotes & Motivational Talks

  • Training

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Curriculum Development


Emotional CPR Training

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