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More About Me....


Transformation is the word I would use to describe what I stand for.  Like most people, I've had my share of losses and periods of suffering.  Yet there has always been an unquenchable spirit that has found a way to thrive no matter what.  I have been blessed with a lot of GRACE in my life.  I am curious - I always want to figure out what this is all about...What is Life all about?  How does this Universe work?  What is this emotional state I am currently experiencing all about?  How can I heal?  How can I grow?  Isn't there an easier way?  I've always "taken good notes."  And I've always felt if I could figure out some of those things, I could share with others what I've learned.  So I've often described myself as someone who asks good questions, takes good notes, connects the dots and shares what I've learned.

I hold degrees in Mental Health and Behavioral Science, yet my most important degree is the PhD in LIFE!  I have been a student of life and have delved into those things that truly interest me: Healing from Trauma; Quantum Physics; Group Dynamics; Process Therapy; Spirituality; Sacred Circle Dancing; Creativity and Artistic Expression. I love creating experiences where we explore and learn and feel blessed to be able to share these magical moments together,


I have lived in many places and worn many hats.  My life has seemingly fallen apart several times - I've experiences, loss, divorces, accident, illness - in other words I have had a typical human experience.  I have risen from the ashes more than once.   Through all this I have come to understand there isn't anything we can't come back from.  Despite what it may look like on the surface, there is a place that has never been damaged; that remains Whole.  There is a part of us that remains vital and when we access that place in our own being it can love us, teach us, and call us back from the depths.  That part of ourselves can lead us into the light of our own precious Being.

My life feels Divinely Guided, even the not-so-fun parts.  I am very interested in the expansion of consciousness both individually and globally. I am an Empath so I feel things very deeply and often have a sense of what is going on in situations.  Most of the Living Into Wholeness Curriculum is inspired.  I feel passionate about sharing this material with you.  I feel my job here is to be as transparent as possible so the light will shine right through me - onto you! And I can hold a mirror up to you so you can see your own beauty, your own worth, your own magnificence. 


I Live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and after many years of feeling out of place wherever I was, I finally feel at home and at peace.  I love living in Paradise and feel honored to share my work and my SELF with you.  I'm glad you've found your way to my website.  Please feel free to contact me and let me know how I may help or if you just want to have a conversation.


Trueheart Rising

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