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Living Into Wholeness
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   Living Into Wholeness

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 Living into Wholeness is a process of growing into what/who you really are.  It is a process of learning to align with and trust the larger, creative LIFE FORCE flowing through, sourcing your life with everything you need in every moment.  You are invited to enter the mystery and mastery of the intrinsic wisdom in your own being. Learn to access your intrinsic state of wholeness, divinity and perfection and release the old patterns that block your authentic state of joy, openness, trust, freedom and vitality.


Deborah Louise Trueheart

Deborah Louise Trueheart is a nationally known consultant, metaphysical teacher, spiritual counselor, writer, artist, motivational speaker, and change agent. She has transformed her own experience of suffering by using traditional and alternative therapies, vibrational medicine, spirituality and artistic expression. She is passionate about supporting the evolution of personal and global consciousness and feels honored to help provide opportunities that help transform lives.


LIW is  a wholeness-based curriculum that provides simple principles and practices to help you remember your authentic state of Wholeness, divinity and Beauty.  The material is practical, compassionate and elegant in its simplicity.  

The essential message is that no matter what has happened in your life - no matter what traumas or loss you've experienced, there is a place in you that has never been damaged.  This is your essence - it remains Whole, Divine and Perfect. Using these tools you can learn to access and live from that place. 

Private Sessions

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.  Sometimes that human experience is messy and challenging.  Intuitive, soul-centered counseling provides an opportunity for you to access your own inner wisdom, release old patterns, connect with divine guidance and  live more authentically. 

Original Art

Just as trauma effects and impacts us on every level of our being, healing and soul growth happens on multiple levels, often simultaneously. The creative process is powerful medicine that provides multidimensional healing in mysterious and profound ways. I have found healing through writing, dance, painting, and photography.

I love facilitating workshops on healing through the arts.

"The artist acts as midwife… guiding the creation into form and through the very act of creating, simultaneously gives birth to him or her SELF. "

Deb Trueheart

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